Camera service turnaround: six weeks

Some of you may recall I discovered some weird highlights on some of the images I shot at the Fotomaraton 2010 earlier this summer, posted here. Well, today I finally received my body back from the shop with a brand new shutter unit and some bits and pieces replaced. Incidentally I also took the opportunity to have the AF on my 70-200 fixed as I’ve found that some of my shots, especially at f/2.8, were soft.

Although the shutter life on the Canon 1D Mark II is supposedly 200,000 actuations mine only lasted for a good 25,000 or so. Granted, this is over a six-year time span (yes, there was a time where I didn’t go out shooting all that much). I’ve done some basic testing and everything looks good so it’s time to start setting up for some more shoots in the future.

The turnaround at JAS Tekniikka that they originally estimated for one to two weeks ended up being six weeks. The initial cost estimate did come within the 1st week but I’m assuming that the summer vacation period stepped in and prolonged how long it actually took to service it. Customer service was helpful throughout, although I have a bit of a gripe with a part that was swapped that was not reported nor included in the original estimate. Apparently the built-in Firewire port needed replacing, despite me not needing that in the past six years of using the body. And let’s not forget the AF adjustment on my 70-200 that was also omitted from the initial estimate.

Oh yeah, in the end the shutter replacement itself was around 366€, with a bit of extra thrown in for the replaced Firewire connector and lens AF adjustment. A bit of change, but still less than shelling out for a new body. Replacement 1D Mk II’s go for around 700€ here these days. Although I would’ve loved to get a new 5D Mark II or 7D unfortunately this just wasn’t in the budget this time around. And the 1D Mark II, although six years old, is still built like a rock. It’s going to be difficult going to a body with different build when the time comes.

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