Random photo shoot

A few weeks back a bunch of us guys at work were starting to talk about going out shooting again. It’s been a while for us since our garage shoot session with Jyrki Vesa earlier this spring. This was an excellent experience overall and about small flash portraiture in general. So that was going to be the theme this time around as well.

Little did we know when we planned this that winter was heading right for us and we ended up leaving work last Wednesday and brave the -8 temperature. And to add insult to injury we really wanted to shoot by the water which meant that the wind was going to factor in as well.

Our gear was going to be very simple for this shoot. Because it was effectively going to be too dark for straight available light shooting our setup ranged from a single off-camera flash to a portable softbox and second external flash. What I wanted to get out of this experience as well was to try out colour correcting gels with differing white balance settings to blend the ambient light with that of the speedlights.

Now I mentioned earlier that it was cold. I don’t think I did it justice as in practice I could shoot for about five minutes before handing the lights off to the next guy and throwing some gloves on my hands. As I wanted to try to capture at least some of the ambient light I ended up shooting at extremely slow shutter speeds, ranging from 1/15 to 1/60 with f/2.8 and ISO 640. Yes, I really should have used a tripod for this shoot but the images below are truly a testament to just how far image stabilization goes into allowing you to hand-hold a lens, even up to 200mm with those shutter speeds.

A huge shout out goes out to our models for the shoot who braved the cold for all sorts of creative ideas throughout the night! More images after the break.

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